Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When It's Not So Easy

Sometimes it's easy to seek the Lord. Everything just matches up naturally. The things you want are the things you know he is wanting for you. You look at the sky, and marvel at the canvas that he painted for you at that moment. During these times you can't understand why people choose to live without God. It seems that everything is going your way and the roses are in bloom. Then there are the times when it is very difficult to be in the will of God; when it means surrender. You look outside and it's pouring down rain, and all you can feel is a deep pain in your chest. You want so badly to have what is inside your heart, but you know you have to give it up to give God all of your heart. It's in these moments when you have to cling on to his promises and trust that what he wants for you is better than what you want for yourself.

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