Friday, September 10, 2010

Food for Thought

I went to a baseball game last night, and afterwards saw that there were free Pringles at the exits. I took a canister home with me, and quickly remembered why I don't buy them. Just like their slogan, Once you pop, you can't stop, I couldn't stop eating the chips!! I began to wonder what makes these little dried potatoes so addicting? I think they're right, you really can't stop eating their chips without self- control. Americans aren't really use to practicing self-restraint, but it is something to develop. Even if you have to get up from the table (or for some of us the couch), and brush your teeth in the middle of your meal, just to get the taste out of your mouth, it's worth the satisfaction that you are above your desires! I think the obesity rate in America isn't just about food, it represents our country's overindulgence in everything! You can see it in DVR, the need for immediate gratification of being able to watch a show without commercials. You can see it in the way people spend their money (or money they don't have), towards pointless items that they just have to have. Overeating is just one of the major issues here, but it is a huge issue. When I go places and I see that the majority of the people that are out are really overweight, it saddens me for the health of our country. If you want an oreo, eat an oreo, but don't eat the bag. If you want ice cream, go get that ice cream, but don't buy a gallon and eat half of it. I guess the Pringle people want you to think that once you pop you can't stop, but I argue that if you don't stop, you will pop.

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