Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Plans and Goals

I'm a list person; when I'm bored I tend to make lists. This includes the normal grocery lists and to-do lists, but it also includes my aspiration lists. I'm always daydreaming about something, and making lists on how to achieve it. Before I know it, I have lots of dreams and goals that get lost on a piece of paper and thrown away. Maybe it's the world we live in; always telling us we need to make a plan, but I feel it affects my relationship with my creator. I have all of these plans on how to grow as a Christian, but I lose focus and my plans are lost, like the words on my lists. It's easy to get this way in Christianity, people are always recommending that I try out a new Bible study, sermon podcast, or devotional. I start measuring my walk with the Lord, by how many mission trips I've gone on, how many people I've have led to Christ, and by how active I am in the Church. If I could just tear up the pieces of paper in my mind, I'd stop planning and start living. Life wouldn't be about my walk as a Christian, it would be about Christ.

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