Sunday, September 12, 2010

Year Book

Last night, I was looking through my high school year book, and though I had some great memories, I still thought of things I would change if I could. After making a long mental list, I started to wish I could go back in time and be a better me at that stage of life. So silly of me! I know there is always room for improvement, but the past can't be improved. If I had been different at that age, I wouldn't be who I am now, but it made me ask myself, "how come it's so much easier to look back on my life and examine who I was, rather than examine who I am right now?" I'm at a very critical point in my existence right now, the decisions I make will affect my entire life. I will only be young once, and this is the time that I can be completely independent of another person and completely dependent on Christ. I guess flipping through the yearbook was good for me. It seems like yesterday those pictures were being taken, but in reality 4 and a half years have gone by. I have one life, one chance to be who I was meant to be. I've heard so many people say that everything happens for a reason, and while this may be right, I think people often use this phrase to make themselves feel better. I do think that the Lord is never surprised by our actions, but that doesn't mean that he meant for us to make the bad decisions we make. I believe that the Lord has a will for my life, but I also believe that I can miss his will. We love to talk about Christ's love and mercy, but we often forget to talk about free will. If I sing "Jesus Loves Me," but I don't follow his steps, am I seeking his will? I once heard a missionary talking about how he had shared the gospel with a woman. After accepting Christ, she seemed troubled and told the missionary that her mother had just recently died without the Lord. The missionary didn't know what to say, and then she said, "the reason my mother died without knowing Jesus, is because someone was called and didn't go." We wonder why the Lord allows lost people to die without knowing him, while we sit in our Pottery Barn living rooms ignoring his call. I wonder how many times I have gotten so caught up in the noise of this world, that I drown out the whispers of the Holy Spirit. A high school year book is an interesting thing, it gives an account of what our peers thought of us. A yearbook shows how we were judged in high school. For some people it's great to open the pages and remember those years, and for others it's completely painful. I feel good when I open mine, and I see my picture and name printed in it, along with my friends. Some day I won't be judged by my peers and the critics of this world, but by the one who created me. I won't be standing before my high school yearbook, but I will be standing before The Book of Life. You see it doesn't matter if our names are printed on the pages of our pasts, what matters is that our names are printed on the pages of eternity.


  1. love this! and love you friend! miss you.

  2. "...while we sit in our Pottery Barn living rooms ignoring his call." RL

    This struck a chord with me that I am struggling with of late, well, for a long time...people heaping to themselves, literal junk on their walls, with no obvious thought of others...and if they do feel something, it is shallow and momentary.

    I enjoy the posts I have read, very insightful.