Friday, October 29, 2010


You know that feeling when you are so hungry that you almost feel desperate for food? Your body goes into survival mode. The hunger pains are your body warning you, because it knows that you need food to live. The longer you go without eating, the weaker you become. I think that God made us this way, not only for our survival, but to serve as an illustration of our need for him. God's word is our daily bread, and just like our bodies need food for nourishment, our soul needs the word. I'll take this illustration a step further; you see scriptures say that Christ is the word! Without food our bodies would die, and without Christ our souls will die. We see heartbreaking images of children who are starving in other countries, but my prayer is that we would start to see those who are spiritually starving around us. I pray that we realize that we live in a world full of spiritual famine. Now, imagine that you get on a plane and fly to a country where people are starving. You walk amongst them and you can see the hoplessness in their eyes. They live in a world full of death, and they are desperate for life. You walk amongst them, knowing that in your bag you have tons of food, but you keep walking, and you try not to look too deeply into their eyes, so you can continue walking and going on with your life; holding on to your food. You get back on your plane and go home, and the eyes of those desperate people close. You aren't haunted, because you remembered not to look intently into their eyes when you kept your food a secret. This may sound bizarre, but we do it everyday. We live in a world that is starving and desperate for Christ, and yet we keep the gospel; our salvation, to ourselves. We try not to look too deeply into the eyes of the lost, so that we don't see their hoplessness, so that we don't feel their hoplessness. We do this, so when we hear that they've died, we won't remember the hoplessness in their eyes and we won't remember the hope we could have shared. I want to be more hungry for the Lord, so I can remember the starving. I want to look into the eyes of the hopeless, so they can see the hope in mine. I want to take the fruits of the spirit I have been given, and feed the hungry. Christ is the bread of my life, and my prayer is that I will share my bread.

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  1. This post is perfect for our Bible study this week in my First Place for Health class. We are talking about being hungry for the Lord and His Word and this takes it to another level. Thank you for sharing!