Monday, December 20, 2010

The Empty Gift

I remember one Christmas, when I was a very little girl, I found an odd present under the Christmas tree. It was two boxes that had been gift wrapped seperately and then put together. You could open the gift without tearing the paper. I was most curious as to what was inside, so I opened this strange gift and found nothing! I thought something had gone wrong! Here was a perfectly wrapped gift, and there was no toy! Now, understand that this present didn't have my name on it, and it wasn't exactly Christmas Day. I wasn't like my older sister who hunted down presents, unwrapped them and then rewrapped them secretly; but I was captive to my curiosity in this instance. I went to tell my mother about the present that was missing its gift, and instead of getting mad that I had snooped around the Christmas tree, she got the box and sat down with me. She pointed to the tag and read, "To: the world..From: God." I sat, with my feet dangling off the couch, very confused. Why would God give the world an empty gift? I didn't even have to say what I was thinking, because my mother answered my concern, like she already knew what that expression on my face meant. She explained that the gift wasn't empty; it was fuller than any other present I could open! She told me that this was the gift of the Holy Spirit; who is invisble. She explained that the greatest gift of all is our salvation. You see, when Christ came to Earth, he came to bring us this gift. We don't deserve our salvation, but that is why it's a gift; it's a treasure. At Christmas time, some families sacrifice to provide presents for their little children on Christmas Day, but the gift of salvation was bought with the greatest sacrifice; the spotless lamb. Christ, who knew no sin, had to die for all of our sin. It is through his death and resurrection that we can recieve that sacred gift of salvation. The empty present under the Christmas tree is my first memory of the gospel. Oh, I'm sure my parents had told me countless times before, but that was the first time something in me stirred. I didn't come to know Christ as my personal savior until years later, but that day a seed was planted inside my soul.

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  1. Rebecca I love this story, this is one of your many stories you need to put in a book.. But also what a great way for us to Reflect on the Real Gift of Christmas.