Saturday, October 20, 2012


   I love the fall, and really I think it's my favorite season.  The trees are displaying their gorgeous colors, the air is crisp, and several holidays are around the corner.  I think part of my favoritism for fall, is that I have a love for cozy things.  Candles, scarves, hearty soups, quilts, and coffee are just a few of my cozy favorites.  I do think; however, that there is something that ties all of these loves together.  In a way they all remind me of home. My mom always decorated for seasons and holidays; Thanksgiving and Christmas were the main events.  The thought of home is inviting.  I try to remember that when I have guests over; what can I do to make them feel at home?  I want my husband, and one day kids, to feel that they are at "home" when they walk through the door.  I don't want it to just be a physical building where my family sleeps and eats.  I am so thankful that my mother made our house a home.  I know she put all of her strength and energy into doing so.  She put so much love into each meal she prepared.  Anytime we had a birthday or holiday, she would bake cakes or cobblers.  Though it would've been easy to go out and buy a cake, she rather gave her time and energy into baking one.  As I begin this journey of marriage and the start of my own family, I look to my mother with a thankful heart of the example she is.

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